3 Proven Steps to Recruiting Veterinarians... Without Bonuses

On this 30-minute free webinar, they’ll reveal:

Hiring associate veterinarians can seem like an impossible task right now. While countless clinics struggle, Drs. Dan Markwalder & Adam Conroy’s 16 Chicago-area practices have a constant flow of externs and new associates coming to through their doors. How do they do it?

On this 30-minute free webinar, they’ll go live* to reveal:

  • What young associates really want. (Hint: It’s NOT $40k sign-on bonuses)
  • The 4 most important questions to ask new hires to ensure they’re a good fit.
  • The 1 type of program you MUST implement in your practice to attract and retain new veterinarians.

*YES – it will be recorded. However, you must register BEFORE the live event on 3/7 at 2pm EST/11am PST to receive the recording via email.